Flexibility at RAFI Eltec

Assembled printed circuit board with COB (chip-on-board)
Assembled printed circuit board with COB (chip-on-board)

To a great extent, flexibility depends on the efficiency in the procurement of materials. RAFI Eltec ensures and reduces delivery periods and ensures delivery reliability by means of advanced planning with suppliers and customers in addition to state-of-the-art procurement methods. Sample phases and serial production are interconnected to the greatest extent possible.

At RAFI Eltec, flexibility is continually optimized by means of cost-effective batch sizes, several production lines and independently controlled shift models.

Your benefits:

  • Press-fit technology Reduced time-to-market times by combining various technologies
  • Reduction of your time-to-market times through fast implementation of your projects
  • Reduction in storage costs with optimum supply capability and customer satisfaction through flexible logistics concepts


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